City of Kimball Water & Sewer

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Helen Keller
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Water & Sewer Department

The City of Kimball has 4 full-time employees that staff its Water/Sanitary Sewer Departments.

These operators are responsible for maintaining the Municipal Water System, Sanitary Sewer System, and and maintenance of the Municipal Swimming Pool.  Our Department provides 24 hour service customers.  Employees are on call to your emergency service needs.


Craig Aragon, Supervisor

Casey Hottell, Foreman

     Chris Koehn, Water Operator

Lance Winters, Operator



In City Limits:

Meter Charge              $32.50 per month

Per 1,000 Gallons        $1.916

Minimum Charge      $32.50 per month

Outside of City Limits:

Meter Charge             $32.50 per month

Per 1,000 Gallons       $1.916

Minimum Charge     $32.50 per month

Bulk Water:

Usage Per 1,000 Gallons   $16.50*

*10,000 Gallon Minimum


Drinking Water

The City’s drinking water comes from 3 ground water wells located north of town on Highway 71.  Constant pressure to the town is provided by a 1 Million Gallon storage tank located on a hill on the South end of town.  Additional pressure to areas of higher elevation is provided by a pump station located at the site of the storage tank.  The City of Kimball’s water department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of approximately 30 miles of transmission and distribution mains, 435 water valves, 170 fire hydrants, service lines, curb stops and approximately 1400 water meters used to deliver approximately 170 million gallons of water per year.

Water Line Responsibility:

The City of Kimball maintains its water mains, valves, hydrants, , and water meters.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to make repairs to the service line beyond the curb stop.  This applies even if the water meter is located inside of the home or building.   The customer is also responsible for any repairs and maintenance needed to pit, or to its cover.

Sanitary Sewer

The City’s wastewater collection system consists of approximately 21 miles of sewer main pipe, 344 manholes, and one Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The wastewater collection system is a gravity flow system and has no mechanical lift stations.  The Water/Sewer department is responsible for cleaning, maintaining, and repairing this system.  Cleaning the system is accomplished by using high pressure water jetting. The crew jets from one manhole to the next man hole approximately 300-500 feet upstream. This cleans out debris, and solids that cause backups and odors.  This preventative maintenance reduces backups that cause flooded basements and property damage.  This collection system transports all the City’s wastewater to the Wastewater Treatment Plant which is staffed by two full time employees who are responsible for its operation and maintenance.

Sewer Line Responsibility

The City of Kimball is responsible for the repair and maintenance of its sewer main lines and access manholes.  The property owner is responsible for the sewer line from the home/building up to the sewer main including the tap at the main.