City of Kimball Streets

"Small towns have their own heartbeat, no matter how many people come and go." - unknown
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Duties and responsibilities of the street department include maintaining the streets and alleys of Kimball.  There are approximately 30 miles of street in Kimball which translates into about 106 lane miles that we maintain.  Some of the maintenance done by our department includes pot hole repair, removal and replacement of bad curbs or gutters, street sweeping and snow removal.  We also maintain the downtown area, which includes taking care of the trees, bushes, and mowing the grass.  In addition to these duties, the Street Superintendent enforces some of the city ordinances such as dead tree removal, properties with tall weeds, and overhanging tree limbs that can affect our equipment while sweeping and removing snow.



Jim Shoup, Superintendent

John Heideman, Park Foreman/Building Inspector/Street Employee

Mark Nelson, Street Maintenance Worker

Stacy Daily, Street Maintenance Worker