City of Kimball Landfill

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Helen Keller
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Landfill & Garbage Services

The Kimball Landfill is open from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm and reopens from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm, Monday through Saturday.The Kimball Landfill is Closed Sundays, Legal Holidays, high wind days and days with extreme weather.

Contact | 308.235.3540

Address |  3731 West Highway 30, Kimball


Jim Schulte, Superintendent

      Jim Lockwood, Collections Truck Driver

      John Faden, Operator

Jason Tyler, Operator

Ben Slife, Operator

Max Tracy


Landfill & Gate Fees:

You must present your billing receipt for Landfill in order to unload.
  • $12.40 per Cubic Yard for Kimball County Residents
  • $42.75 per Cubic Yard for Non-Kimball County Residents
  • $23.85 Per cubic yard of unseparated loads
  • $30.90 Flat rate of uncontained loads
Scrap Tires
  • $6.50 per Car Tire
  • $13.50 per Truck Tire
  • $45.50 per Tractor Tire
  • $80.50 Construction Machinery Tire
Note: All Scrap Tires must be dismounted from rims.

Acceptable Waste


Household Waste

“House Waste” shall mean any Solid Waste, including; Garbage, Trash and Sanitary Waste in Septic Tanks, derived from Household, including Single and Multiple residence, Hotel and Motel, bunkhouses, Ranger Stations, Crew Quarters, Campgrounds, Picnic Grounds, and Day-Use recreation Areas. All Household Waste must be bagged and contained to prevent it from blowing or falling from your vehicle. There will be an extra charge for mixed loads and uncontained loads. All burned trash must be fully extinguished.

Household Appliances

All Household appliances must be kept separated from all other waste. Please do not attempt to remove Freon from refrigerator unit. All food and other waste must be removed from all appliances.

Tree Waste

All Tree Waste must be separated from all other waste. All loads must be completely contained to prevent it from blowing or falling from your vehicle. There will be an extra charge for a ll uncontained loads.


The Kimball Landfill WILL NOT ACCEPT the
following Hazardous Waste:

  • (NAC TITLE 132) PCB
  • (NAC TITLE 132)



Containment of Loads

All Loads arriving at the City of Kimball Landfill shall be completely contained to prevent it from blowing or falling from your vehicle while in route to the Landfill.

  • All loose trash shall be bagged and tarped.
  • All cardboard shall be tarped.
  • All burn barrel and burned trash shall be tarped. Note: No Hot Loads!
  • Alll Construction demolition waste shall be completely contained and secured.
  • All metal shall be completely contained and secured.
Note: There will be a charge of $29.50 for all uncontained loads that enter the landfill.

Drums, Buckets and Paint Cans

All Drums, Buckets and Paint cans must have tops removed and be free of all free liquids.

Used Waste Oil and Oil Filters

Used oil must be taken to your local station or oil recycle. All Oil Filters must be drained for at least 24 hours before being placed in waste stream. Please call the Landfill for more information.

Lead Acid Batteries

Used car or equipment batteries must be taken to a dealer or kept separated from all other waste and taken to the Landfill to recycle.


NOTICE: We reserve the right to inspect any load or portion of load arriving at our facility.