Boards & Committees

"Life's most persistent and urgent question, is what are you doing for others." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Boards & Committees

Airport Authority

Meets 3rd Monday @ 6:00 PM | Flight Center

AGENDA: A2024-07-15 – AMENDED

A2023-09-18 Budget Adoption Hearing 

Kimball Municipal Airport is a public use airport with self-serve CC fuel, 100LL, and straight Jet A fuel is available. Other amenities include: free tie down area, flight center with meeting area/lounge/tv, and two courtesy cars are available for local use.  A private part-time aviation company provides storage, repair, flight instruction, and rentals.  Kimball Municipal Airport is governed by the Airport Authority Board. These meetings occur the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:00 PM MT at the Flight Center.

3925 Rd 28 S
Kimball, NE 69145

Board Members (6-year term):
– Robert Dunkin
– John Ferguson
Greg McDaniels
– Don Moench
– Ryan McElroy, Chair

Board Members (3-Year Term):
– Josh Enevoldsen, Chair
– Dar Gardner
– Donnie Lonsdale

Kayla Janicek
Jerry Williams

Boards & Committees

Board of Adjustment

Meets As Needed

The Board of Adjustment has a duty to hear and decide appeals when it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official or agency based on or made in the enforcement of any zoning regulation or any regulation relating to the location or soundness of structures, except that the authority to hear and decided appeals shall not apply to decisions made by the City Council or Planning Commission regarding a conditional use or special exception under Neb. RS 19-929(3).


Boards & Committees

Board of Public Works

Every 2nd Tuesday @ 5:00 PM | City Hall

It shall be the duty of the Board of Public Works to operate any utility owned by the city and to exercise all powers conferred by law upon the city for the operation of utilities to the same extent as the City Council, except that the Board shall not make an expenditure other than ordinary operational expenses exceeding the amount of $25,0000 without first obtaining the approval of the City Council.

Board Members (4-Year Term):
– Greg Robinson
Jim Cederburg, Chair
– Deb Evertson
Tim Carlson
– Austin Janicek

Board Members (3-Year Term):

  • Karen Bivens
  • Keith Jones, Chair
  • Linda Williams
  • Joyce Witt
  • Robert Snyder
  • Ed Russell



 Boards & Committees

Cemetery Board

Meets 2nd Monday @ 12:00 PM  Quarterly | City Hall or Cemetery

The Board shall have the general care, management, and supervision of the City Cemetery with the power and authority to limit and regulate the number of cemetery lots that may be owned by the same person; to prescribe rules for enclosing, adorning, and erecting monuments and tombstones on cemetery lots; and to prohibit any diverse or improper use thereof; provided, no religious tests shall be made as the ownership of lots, the burial therein, and the ornamentation of graves.

Boards & Committees

Citizen’s Advisory Committee

2nd Tuesday (As Needed) 12:00 pm | City Hall

The Citizen Advisory Review Committee reviews the function and progress of the Economic Development Program and advises and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding applications made for funding within the Program.

Board Members:

– Steve Patison

– Holly Bohac

– Kayla Janicek

– Ryan Boulier




Board Members:
– Jordan Autrey, Chair
– Dave Haack
– Jamie Murdoch
– Scott Noah


Boards & Committees

Community Redevelopment Authority

2nd Wednesday (As Needed) @ 5:00 pm | City Hall

The Community Development Authority (CRA) is responsible for conserving and rehabilitating substandard or blighted areas within the City. The CRA assists developers with commercial, industrial, or residential projects within the thirteen redevelopment areas it serves.


Agenda 10.1.24 Click Below.


Boards & Committees

Housing Agency & Fair Housing Commission

Meets Last Monday @ 5:00 PM | Park Terrace Conference Room

The Housing Agency possesses all powers necessary, convenient, or desirable in carrying out the purposes of the Nebraska Housing Agency Act, exercising any power provided in the Act and engaging in any activity related to furthering the purposes of the Act.

Board Members (5-Year Term):
– Deb Bourlier
– John Moritz
– Mary Larkin
– Tammy Land
– Linda Mihm
– Darrell Snyder
– Cynthe Staehr, Chair
– Roger Wynne
Kirk Evertson

Executive Director: Judy Perry

Board Members (4-Year Term):
– Terry Bourlier, Chair
– Deb Fennel
– Patty Watson
– Patty Yanaga

– Lori Widener


Boards & Committees

Library Board

Meets 2nd Monday @ 5:00 PM | Library Cultural Room

The Kimball Public Library serves as a learning, educational and recreational center for the community by providing information to meet their personal, educational and professional needs. 

Boards & Committees

Loan Advisory Board

Meets 2nd Tuesday @ 7:30 AM | City Hall

Economic Development has a revolving loan fund and a grant program. Revolving in that loans are given out, they are then paid back over an extended amount of time, and the payments with interest are used to award still yet other loans.  Specific criteria apply to receiving this funding and what the funding can be spent on, but this is another source of economic development funding made available to qualified entities.  The Loan Advisory Committee is tasked with processing funding requests and making a recommendation to the City Council.

Agenda: A2024-05-28

  • Board Members:
  •  Keith Jones
  •  Stephanie Risk-McElroy
  • Bob Abramson
  •  Larry Walker, Vice Chair
  •  Roger Wynne, Chair

Board Members (4-Year Term):

Jaclyn Burks

– Henry Heeg, Chair

– Pat O’Brien, Vice Chair

John Morrison

Ashley Thurin

– Rich Flores

Boards & Committees

Parks & Recreation Board

Meets 4th Tuesday @ 7:00 PM | City Hall

AGENDA: EB2024-07-16

July 16

The Board makes recommendations regarding recreation program planning and fees and shall study and promote needs for park and recreation facility improvements.


Meeting Agenda  Click Below.


Boards & Committees

Planning Commission

1st Monday (As Needed) at 5:00 PM | City Hall

AGENDA: 2024-07-15

The Planning Commission shall make and adopt plans for the physical development of the City, including any areas outside its boundaries which, in the Commission’s judgment, bear relation to the planning of the City, and including a comprehensive development plan. Prepare and adopt such implemental means as a capital improvement program, subdivision regulations, building codes and zoning ordinance in cooperation with other interested City departments.

Board Members (3-Year Term):

  • Zeb Brown
  • Bob Culek
  • Christina Taylor
  • Jean Gilbert
  •  Josh Enevoldsen, Chair
Board Members:
– Everett Durheim
– Betty Schulte, Chair
– Meg Strauch

Boards & Committees

Tree Board

Meets 2nd Wednesday @ 5:30 PM Every Other Month

The Tree Board shall study, investigate, counsel and develop a written plan for replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in public ways, streets and alleys.