Panorama Point

Panorama Point

In the extreme southwest corner of the county, thirty three miles from Kimball, rises the highest point in Nebraska. Panorama Point, 5,424 feet above sea level, looks more like a rise in a pasture than the highest point in the State; however this site is higher than the highest point in 30 other states.

Art Henrickson and Claude Alden discovered the highest point in October 1951 using a WWI altimeter. A marker was installed by the Kimball-Banner Chamber of Commerce in 1971. It was later verified by the federal government and recognized by the state and mapping companies.

GPS Coordinates
N 41 degrees 00.461 minutes
W 104 degrees 01.883 minutes

Panorama Point has become quite a popular attraction. Please bear in mind, this is on private property. There is a box for your entrance fee. Drive slowly and carefully, this is definitely a rustic track.

However, the drive is worth it. On a clear day you can see the Rocky Mountains to the southwest and enjoy the prairie peacefulness of the great Nebraska Plains. A guest registration book is kept at the marker and visitors are asked to sign in. Upon request, those who visit will be issued a certificate issued by the Kimball-Banner County Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to visiting the highest point in Nebraska, take a few minutes to travel to the Tri-State Corner and stand in three States at once; Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming.