Boards and Commissions

City of Kimball Boards and Commissions

Meeting Dates, Times & Places



  Mayor Keith Prunty
3rd Tuesday City Council Christy Warner
6:00 p.m.   Matt Bright
City Hall   Kim Baliman
    James Shields, President
4th Tuesday Board of Public Works Sonny Porter, Chair
4:15 p.m.      (4 Year) Greg Robinson, Vice Chair
City Hall   Gregg Fossand                  
    Mike Coleman
     Deb Evertson
1st  Monday Planning Commission Bob Culek, Vice Chair
as needed      (3 Year) Assunta Calise, Chair
4:30 p.m.  (Changed to a 5 member Bd in 12/92) Josh Enevoldsen
City Hall   Patty Haiar
    Zeb Brown
2nd Monday Cemetery Board Betty Allen
Noon      (3 Year) Joyce Witt
City Hall or Cemetery   Karen Bivens
Meet quarterly - Feb, May, Aug & Nov. Linda Williams
    Sue Wallesen 
    Keith Jones, Chair
2nd Wednesday,  Quarterly Tree Board Meg Strauch
5:30 p.m.      (3 Year) Betty Schulte, Chair
City Hall   Everett Durheim
2nd Monday Library Board  Jamie Bright
5:00 p.m.      (4 Year) Danell Marks
Library Cultural Room   Terry Boulier
    Ken Mars
    Tabitha Behrend
4th Tuesday Park & Recreation Board
7:00 p.m.        (4 Year) 
Pat O'Brien, Vice Chair
City Hall City Council Representative     Keith Prunty 
  County Board Rpresentative Larry Engstrom
  County Appointee Henry Heeg, Chair
  County Appointee Barry Frederick
  City Appointee Carrie Wynne
Last Monday of each month Housing Authority  Shari Lindgren
5:00 p.m.           and Mary Larkin
Library Cultural Room Fair Housing Commission Cynthe Staehr
       (5 Year) Roger Wynne
    Linda Mihm
    Joanne Woods
    Adrian Fuss
    Deb Bourlier
    Max Revell
As Needed Board of Adjustment Josh Enevoldsen
       (3 Year) Jerry Williams 
    Larry Stahla
    Dar Gardner
    Donnie Lonsdale
As Needed Community Development Agency Keith Prunty, Chair
  (Redevelopment Authority) Kim Baliman
City Hall      (5 Year) James Shields
    Christy Warner
    Matt Bright
2nd Tuesday Economic Development Bob Abramson
 7:30 a.m.   Stephanie Risk-McElroy
 City Hall       Roger Wynne
    Michael Coleman
    Larry Walker
Elected by Voters Airport Authority Ryan McElroy, Chair
 3rd Monday      (6 Year) Greg McDaniel
 6:00 PM   Bobby Dunkin
 Flight Center   John Ferguson
    Matthew Shoup
   Citizen's Advisory Committee Tammy Land, Chair 
    Adrian Fuss
 As Needed   Courtney Bremer
    Jamie Bright
    Holly Bohac
Other Appointments as required  


  City Administrator

Dan Dean


City Clerk/ Deputy Treasurer

Katherine Terrill


City Treasurer/Deputy Clerk

 Annette Brower

  City Attorney

Kent Hadenfeldt-Simmons

Olsen Law Firm PC

  Chief of Police

Andy Bremer

  City Physician

Kimball Health Services

Chief of Staff

  Panhandle Area Development District

Amy Sapp

  Panhandle Area Development District, Alt

Dan Dean

  ACE Board

Bill Hinton

  ACE Board Alternate

Dan Dean

  City Newspaper

Western Nebraska Observer


  City Radio Station

KSID Sidney


FirsTier Bank
Kimball State Bank
Points West Community Bank