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Welcome to Kimball Nebraska

This website is here to provide YOU with information. You can find out about the City and County departments, things we have to offer, local calendars, information for building a new home or business, things to see and do, business information, utility information, and much more.  We hope you find what your looking for in a click or two, but if you find something missing, or you've tried to search and can't locate it, just let us know and we will do our best to get it to you! 

Email us at info@kimballne.org.

Set in the midst of rural Western Nebraska, in the scenic Lodgepole Valley, Kimball is the High Point of Nebraska.  Not only our elevation and nearby Panorama Point show us as High Point, but Kimball can be the "High Point" of your visit, your stay and your day ...Kimball, your Destination High Point.

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In 2016, the City of Kimball was one of seven communities in the Panhandle to participate in the Multi-County Regional Housing Study funded by the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority Housing Study Grant Program, with matching funds from Western Nebraska Economic Development (WNED)

A copy of the final housing study is available at the link below.





             PLEASE BE AWARE!!   PIPES CAN FREEZE AT 10 DEGREES OR COLDER!!   The City of Kimball suggests you leave a small stream of water running:   At Night;   When you will be gone an extended period of time or;   When no water is being used.  When it is 10 degrees or colder, a stream about the size of a pencil lead should be enoug to keep a pipe from freezing and bursting.   A new water meter is the customer's responsibility and repairs can cost alot of money.  Please contact the City of Kimball Water Department with any questions at 235-3639


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